HOODZ Franchise Owners Benefit From Predictable Recurring Revenue

Mandated ventilation-system inspections mean that restaurants crave a dependable, high-quality exhaust cleaning franchise for regular visits

HOODZ vanNo matter how big or small the business, there’s one thing all owners love: repeat customers. They provide a steady, predictable revenue that helps plan budget for staff growth, new services and much more.

A HOODZ kitchen exhaust cleaning franchise is no different. Thanks to the HOODZ business model, repeat business is baked right into the operational plan. That means from day one, new HOODZ franchise owners are laying the groundwork with recurring revenue that will grow exponentially with each new customer added to the roster.

Regular inspections fill up the calendar quickly

It’s pretty simple: Restaurant operators are predominantly required to show proof of a working, clean kitchen exhaust system. Depending on the type of cooking from the establishment, this could mean every 30 days according to the NFPA 96, which serves as the standard for most Authorities Having Jurisdiction and all HOODZ owners.

Those restaurants are eager to lock into a contract with a nationally known commercial exhaust cleaning franchise they can count on, Enter HOODZ, says Nathan Willard, President.

“Our franchise owners get clients in many ways,” Willard says. “They are supported by marketing and brand-awareness building as part of the marketing training they receive from becoming a part of the BELFOR Franchise Group. That means they have tools in place to reach out to the food-service community in their market. They also can compete against other providers, because HOODZ offers higher quality than anyone else out there. Before they know it they are generating revenue and getting a full roster of repeat business to keep their techs busy every day.”

No experience? No problem thanks to superior training

Being new to business ownership, or to kitchen exhaust cleaning and servicing also isn’t a barrier. Thanks to BELFOR’s investment into a state-of-the-art training facility, techs and owners learn the ropes quickly. Ongoing support and coaching from the Home Office and the national family of franchise owners also helps any willing entrepreneur be a great success.

New owners and techs come to our training facility a little nervous, however they leave with full knowledge of how to clean all kinds of commercial exhaust systems in restaurant kitchens,” Willard says. “We’re always researching and looking at new technologies and for new and improved techniques, so our training evolves and improves every time. We offer refresher courses often, so HOODZ teams remain up to date on everything that’s out there. That’s very impressive to both our current and existing clients while strengthening our reputation in the industry we serve.”

Owning a successful restaurant hood cleaning business doesn’t have to break the bank. HOODZ is one of the most affordable franchise opportunities in the booming $838 billion restaurant industry. The total investment to begin operations for a new HOODZ franchise ranges from $74,221 to $179,840. Not only do we offer in-house financing for 50% of the franchise fee, but also have third-party relationships to help you finance any additional business needs. We also proudly offer veterans who are interested in joining our franchise family a discount.

Interested in becoming a HOODZ franchise owner?

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