HOODZ Territory Creation And Process Benefits Franchise Owners

Clear boundaries, sole access, and plenty of potential clients open each HOODZ territory up to grow and develop

When it comes to territories, potential HOODZ commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning franchise owners have a lot of questions. How big are they? Is it mine alone? How do you draw the boundaries?

Those are good questions, and many franchise opportunities won’t have good answers to provide. Shared territories, small, uneven or incomplete research, will all leave the potential franchise owner unsure. Not with HOODZ, says Kevin Willard, President, laying out the simple, transparent process his team uses to create new HOODZ territories that are designed to help franchise owners capture clients and grow revenue quickly.

Clearly defined borders and a sensible size

“We will take a metro market and divide it by ZIP code,” Willard says. “That makes the most sense from a logistics perspective and gets the process started. Then we work our way out to about 45 minutes away. At that distance the number of restaurants starts to get thin.”

After that first step, the HOODZ team then creates a roster of restaurants in each of those ZIP codes and bundles together a group with between 1,600 and 2,000 sites. That number can fluctuate so that a territory can stay reasonably compact, and thus easy to work, Willard explains. For instance, if a city has a beltway-style expressway that encircles it, a territory will be set inside, or outside, that boundary. Or if it makes sense to divide them up on a north/south of east/west parallel to factor in a freeway, river, or other divide, then that’s how it’ll be done.

HOODZ tech on roof cleaning a vent HOODZ territory

Dedicated, single-owner territories only

And lastly, every HOODZ franchise owner can rest easy knowing that his or her territory will not be lumped into anyone else’s. There may be other owners alongside, but they will not overlap.

“Our territories are protected; other franchise owners cannot sell into or serve within them,” Willard says, adding that this exclusivity, along with a tight design and set number of potential clients, makes each territory equally valuable. Therefore, every HOODZ franchise owner has the same opportunity to capture and retain a solid client base.

Owning a successful restaurant hood cleaning business doesn’t have to break the bank. HOODZ is one of the most affordable franchise opportunities in the booming $838 billion restaurant industry. The total investment to begin operations for a new HOODZ franchise ranges from $62,561 to $179,840. The BELFOR franchise group offers in-house financing for 50% of the franchise fee, and they also have third-party relationships to help you finance any additional business needs. BELFOR also proudly offers veterans interested in joining our franchise family a discount.

Interested in becoming a HOODZ franchise owner?

You will be given all the resources and support you need to get your business up and running. For in-depth details about the HOODZ franchise opportunity, download our Free Franchise Opportunity Report. You also can learn more about this amazing opportunity by visiting our research pages.