Why Now Is A Great Time to Open a HOODZ Franchise

People are always going to dine out, even in a slow economy, so a business focused exclusively on serving commercial kitchens is a solid bet.

Savvy entrepreneurs are always on the lookout for a sure thing — or at least as close as they can get. That’s why so many are becoming HOODZ franchise owners and providing commercial kitchen compliance and maintenance services for restaurants and other facilities.

It’s a pretty simple calculation: People like to eat out, and even if they are cutting back on other spending, they’ll keep restaurant spending in their budgets. That has proven to be true even during the COVID-19 pandemic, where local support for restaurant owners has remained strong. And those who are open, as well as those waiting to come back online, are in desperate need of a kitchen compliance and maintenance partner they can count on. 

Fewer competitors means capturing larger market share

“Because of COVID-19, many independent and less-established competitors in this space are going out of business or are in real trouble,” says Nathan Willard, President. “We are receiving leads for new customers because the service provider they’d been working with is no longer in business, or not returning calls. These restaurant owners and facility managers are trying to figure out how to keep their business open, or how to reopen, and they need a reliable provider of the services we offer.”

That translates to a business that can start strong even in this challenging environment. This business is ideal for entrepreneurs who are ready to dig in and begin building the relationships that will help them start strong and grow steadily over the long term.

HOODZ technician spraying a kitchen hood

Reviving economy will offer more opportunities

“If you can make the investment now, and dedicate the time for marketing and outreach, now is an excellent time to build strong relationships,” Willard says. “From what I’m seeing, the opportunity to build lasting relationships is even better now than you would see in so-called ‘good’ times. Restaurant owners and facilities who may not have had the opportunity to work with us previously are seeing that we are still here when others aren’t, we are reliable, professional, and dependable. That is paying dividends for owners now, and it’s going to continue into the future as well as the economy continues to revive.”

Owning a successful restaurant hood cleaning business doesn’t have to break the bank. HOODZ is one of the most affordable franchise opportunities in the $838 billion restaurant industry. The total investment to begin operations for a new HOODZ franchise ranges from $62,561 to $179,840. Not only do we offer in-house financing for 50% of the franchise fee, but we also have third-party relationships to help you finance any additional business needs. We also proudly offer veterans who are interested in joining our franchise family a discount. 

Interested in becoming a HOODZ franchise owner?

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