How Big is the Demand For Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning?

The restaurant industry is growing fast and every restaurant is a potential customer for HOODZ kitchen exhaust system cleaning franchise owners

If you’re like the rest of the population, chances are, you enjoy dining out. In fact, according to a new survey published by Toast, 45% of American diners eat out multiple times a week. The same survey discovered that 51% of the American food dollar is reserved for dining out, which is more than double what American families spent on eating out in the 1950s. The rise of restaurant dining explains why The National Restaurants Association projects that the restaurant industry is expected to reach over $1 trillion by 2030.

While we may think of the restaurant industry as the restaurants themselves, in fact, there are several segments within the industry that work in tandem to ensure that the food reaches the customer’s plate. Everything from trucking, logistics, agriculture, cleaning and more are needed to keep the industry running smoothly. Considering that the restaurant industry is one of the most tightly regulated in the nation, savvy entrepreneurs who get into the kitchen exhaust system cleaning business can become very successful by helping restaurant owners remain compliant.

And it’s more than just restaurants. Here is a list of common places that need to remain compliant with health and safety codes:

  • Casinos
  • Airports
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Schools
  • Military Bases
  • Prisons
  • Other Government Facilities

HOODZ is the premier kitchen exhaust system cleaning business in the nation. With over 125 territories, HOODZ brings a level of expertise, transparency and customer service to an industry that absolutely needs it. Because health and safety codes are enforced by local and state regulators on a regular basis, the need to hire a company you can trust to get the job done correctly is of paramount importance.

The Restaurant Industry is Booming Image

“Now is an excellent time to invest in a HOODZ franchise,” says Nathan Willard, President of HOODZ. “The restaurant industry is booming and the economy’s in great shape. The awareness of the need for the services we provide, the compliance-based services that we provide, is at an all-time high and that continues to grow as well.”

HOODZ is a business model that is based on recurring revenue streams

Because HOODZ helps restaurants and facility managers of commercial kitchens remain compliant with health and safety codes, the opportunity to turn a client into a long-lasting relationship that provides services over the lifespan of their business becomes very likely.

Being that HOODZ is a part of BELFOR Franchise Group, the world’s largest cleaning and restoration network in the nation, our focus is on delivering exceptional customer service. Our teams are highly trained, competent, friendly, and they know exactly how to perform our services at a high level. This is why HOODZ is able to capture an outsized share of the market in the communities we serve because we understand the importance of being punctual, transparent with our pricing and providing high-quality work.

HOODZ kitchen exhaust system cleaning franchise

This makes our ability to upsell clients extremely effective, as we do far more than clean kitchen exhaust systems. We help our clients with power washing, exhaust fan belt replacement, filter cleaning, soak tank service programs, grease trap cleaning, concrete cleaning, dumpster pad cleaning and more.

“What makes this a really attractive business is that even though our name is HOODZ, we provide a number of other services to help our franchisees generate more revenue,” Willard says. “The work we do is all about building a relationship and performing at such a high level that the relationship continues and additional services can be sold. This makes it easy for our franchisees to have a revenue that they can count on while also being able to upsell.”

HOODZ Helps Keep Commercial Kitchens Safe

Health and safety codes aren’t frivolous. Without them, commercial kitchens would be an incredibly dangerous place to work. Having a clean kitchen hood is essential for fire, health and safety aspects. If the hood system is not cleaned, fire hazards greatly increase, as grease builds up from cooking oils vaporizing into vents. The U.S. Fire Administration estimates there are nearly 6,000 restaurant fires annually, an average of 75 injuries and $172 million in property loss.

Most fires start on cooking appliances, then flare into exhaust systems, so it’s important to keep equipment free of cooking byproducts like oils, grease and fats, exactly what HOODZ specializes in.

“A lot of what we do to a great extent is focusing on safety,” Willard says. “There’s more and more awareness about life safety and our services help our clients make their kitchens a safer place for their employees, which not only helps them with their insurance companies, but it also prevents on-the-job injuries and the workers’ comp claims that follow.”

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