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A compliance-based business model, multiple lines of service and recurring revenue streams make owning a HOODZ franchise a wise choice

If you’re looking to go into business for yourself, why not choose one that is recession-resistant, faces little competition, is easy to run and solves a common problem in an enormous industry? These are the reasons why so many entrepreneurs are choosing an investment with HOODZ franchise, the nation’s premier kitchen exhaust system cleaning franchise.

HOODZ franchise owners help restaurant owners and other industries that serve food from a commercial kitchen – such as hospitals, schools, universities, and prisons – remain compliant with health and safety regulations through expert kitchen cleaning services. Our comprehensive suite of services makes kitchens safer places to work, by preventing fires, work injuries and grease buildup.

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Considering that there are 660,000 restaurants in the United States and thousands of other commercial kitchens, all of which need to remain compliant, HOODZ franchise is a truly recession-resistant business investment with long-term growth potential.

“The services we offer are often mandated and enforced at the local level,” says Nathan Willard, President of HOODZ. “This means that our clients do not have a choice in getting these services done, and so they have to choose the right company to partner with. The majority of the operators in this space are independent, who cannot account for the quality of their work and don’t deliver the level of customer service that is expected. HOODZ, on the other hand, is extremely professional. Our franchise owners and their teams are the highly trained experts that clients depend on, which not only makes it easier for our franchisees to win business, but also leads to long-term contracts that can be highly lucrative.”

While HOODZ focuses on the core service of cleaning kitchen exhaust hood systems, we also offer many other services that are designed to make our clients’ businesses cleaner and safer. This provides the opportunity for our franchise owners to upsell their clients and benefit from more than 10 additional lines of revenue.

Here are the services that HOODZ provides:

  • Conveyor Oven Cleaning
  • Exhaust Fan Hinge Kit Installation
  • Exhaust Fan Access Panel Installation
  • Exhaust Fan Belt Replacement
  • Filter Cleaning
  • Filter Exchange
  • Soak Tank Service Program
  • Grease Trap Cleaning
  • Concrete Cleaning
  • Dumpster Pad Cleaning
  • Commercial Pressure Washing

“We wanted to provide a comprehensive suite of services to our clients,” Willard says. “In turn, our franchise owners always have opportunities to upsell their clients and generate additional revenue from every job. Our franchise owners build relationships with their clients that position them as an expert in preventative maintenance, and in doing so, they become a partner to their clients. This creates a level of trust that our competition cannot deliver and creates tremendous profit-potential for our franchisees.”

Another reason HOODZ is an attractive opportunity is because the business model is designed to keep ongoing costs low. You can begin operations out of your home, with a limited number of employees to get started, which allows you to keep more of the money you earn.

HOODZ franchise tech operating gear

“When our franchisees are successful, we’re successful,” Willard says. “We designed our business model to help our franchisees maximize their level of profitability. From the low startup costs, to the minimal number of employees, to the multiple lines of revenue that our clients need to remain compliant, we’ve built this model to put our franchisees in the position to thrive and prosper over the long term.”

Here is our FDD Item 19 that details how well our Multi-Territory Operators are doing in their businesses:

Quartile Multi-Territory Operators in Group Average Annual Gross Sales Highest Annual Gross Sales within Quartile Lowest Annual Gross Sales within Quartile Those that Exceeded the Average Median Annual Gross Sales
Top 25% 7 $3,141,156 $6,916,939 $1,679,680 2 (29%) $2,346,120
Top 50% 14 $2,276,356 $6,916,939 $1,183,168 4 (29%) $1,662,609
Top 75% 21 $1,833,068 $6,916,939 $769,137 6 (29%) $1,377,247
All 27 $1,536,110 $6,916,939 $427,811 8 (30%) $1,183,168

Here is our FDD Item 19 that details how well our Single-Territory Operators are doing in their businesses:

Quartile Single-Territory Operators in Group Average Annual Gross Sales Highest Annual Gross Sales within Quartile Lowest Annual Gross Sales within Quartile Those that Exceeded the Average Median Annual Gross Sales
Top 25% 9 $1,205,089 $1,982,135 $818,397 3 (33%) $993,308
Top 50% 19 $862,590 $1,982,135 $439,603 8 (42%) $692,769
Top 75% 28 $696,355 $1,982,135 $280,508 9 (32%) $537,435
All 37 $577,400 $1,982,135 $96,253 13 (35%) $439,603

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