How Will HOODZ Support Me?

Rising food service cleaning franchise provides industry-leading support

When HOODZ franchise owners visit BELFOR Franchise Group’s training facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan, they realize that the brand they’ve invested in truly has their back. The state-of-the-art facility is equipped with modern classrooms outfitted with the latest technology and packed with industry experts who help our franchisees thrive and prosper.

Our emphasis on training and ongoing support is the reason why BELFOR Franchise Group is one of the nation’s leading service industry franchisors, with more than eight national brands that are continually growing.

“BELFOR Franchise Group really believes in training, and they’ve spent millions of dollars investing in a training platform that is far more comprehensive than anything else in the industry,” says Nathan Willard, President of HOODZ. “BELFOR Franchise Group is known as a world leader in training, and we’ve developed a program that really helps franchisees grow, especially when they’re just starting out, which is vital. Our training facility is second to none, but so is the ongoing coaching, marketing support, the 24/7 call center. Everything we’ve built is with the success of the franchise owner in mind.”

HOODZ support professional clean. Every time.

What Does Training Consist Of?

We know you may not have any experience in cleaning exhaust systems in commercial kitchens. You may have never set foot in a commercial kitchen before – and that’s okay. Our training platform is designed to fast-track you from novice to expert in a short period of time.

At our training facility, we teach you everything you need to know about how to become proficient in the services that HOODZ offers. We’ll teach you how to use our equipment and walk you through the services we offer through hands-on training. By the time you graduate from training, you’ll be a master at performing our services at a high level.

Our training also places equal importance on developing you as a business owner. We’re going to teach you how to build a business plan, how to manage a P&L sheet, how to lead and inspire your employees and how to develop relationships with your customers that are built on trust.

HOODZ Support Helps You Keep Costs Low

HOODZ is a home-based business for a reason. We don’t want you to have to spend money on renting an office space and hiring an office manager in the pivotal early months of your business. Because of this, we give you access to a 24/7 call center that exist to pick up the phone when your customers call and ensure that their experience with HOODZ is positive from the get-go. This service will not only keep you organized, it will allow you to focus on building your business.

We also provide you with the full support of our in-house marketing team. Marketing can be one of the most challenging aspects of launching a new business, but HOODZ has you covered. We will provide you with cutting edge marketing materials to help you build brand awareness, as well as assistance with establishing your digital footprint, managing online review sites, generating leads, and more.

Ready to experience HOODZ support?

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