HOODZ Franchise Review: Q&A with Nathan Willard

Nathan Willard, brand president of top-rated kitchen exhaust system cleaning franchise opens up in wide-ranging interview

HOODZ is the nation’s premier kitchen exhaust system cleaning franchise. With more than 135 locations open across the country, HOODZ dominates a lucrative and important niche in the $863 billion foodservice industry – helping restaurant owners and facility managers of commercial kitchens become compliant with health & safety standards.

As a franchise opportunity, HOODZ stands out by being a part of BELFOR Franchise Group, one of the nation’s leading franchisors in the restoration and cleaning segments. BELFOR Franchise Group provides a world class training platform that covers every aspect of owning a business. You will learn how to use our state-of-the-art equipment, how to build a business plan, and set realistic goals. HOODZ provides ongoing support, including marketing, financial coaching, and more.

The HOODZ business model is likewise attractive. Effectively turnkey, HOODZ is straightforward to run and quick to scale. Because the services that HOODZ provides are compliance-driven, HOODZ is also recession-resistant.

HOODZ technician wiping down a kitchen hood nathan willard

Now, HOODZ is ready for the national spotlight. They are actively looking for savvy entrepreneurs who want to help grow HOODZ across the nation. In this wide ranging interview, Nathan Willard, Brand President of HOODZ opens up about what makes HOODZ a worthy investment.

Why should an entrepreneur consider investing in a HOODZ franchise over other opportunities in restoration or cleaning segments?

Willard: There are two big things that most potential franchise owners look at when they’re evaluating the HOODZ franchise that sets it apart from most of the other opportunities out there in a big way. The first of those being the recurring aspect of the work we do. The work we do is not a one-time sale or a one-time service, but something that we do over and over again for the life of a client’s business.

The other piece of it, which is equally important is the fact that it’s compliance-based. Most of the services that we provide are services that businesses require. They’re not optional services. So it’s not something where you’re trying to convince a prospect of the need for the item. It’s not an optional item or something that they know they have to have. It’s just a matter of who they’re going to pick to go with for the service, and from that standpoint, there’s no one out there that can compete with HOODZ.

HOODZ is in business to help restaurant owners and facility managers of commercial kitchens remain compliant with health & safety codes. How does this benefit franchise owners?

Willard: The services that we offer are often mandated and enforced at the local level. This means that our clients do not have a choice in getting these services done, and so they have to choose the right company to partner with. The majority of the operators in this space are fly-by-night, who cannot account for the quality of their work and don’t deliver the level of customer service that is expected. Hoodz, on the other hand, is extremely professional. Our franchise owners and their teams have expert training that clients depend on. This not only makes it easier for our franchisees to win business, but also leads to long-term contracts that can be highly lucrative.

A lot of what we do to a great extent is focusing on safety. There’s more and more awareness about life safety and our services help our clients make their kitchens a safer place for their employees, which not only helps them with their insurance companies, but it also prevents on-the-job injuries and the workers’ comp claims that follow.

The BELFOR Franchise Group has exceptional training. How does this help franchise owners thrive in business?

Willard: The training that BELFOR Franchise Group provides is far beyond anything else in the industry. From the marketing support to the call center, to the ongoing coaching, you will have all the resources you need to establish quickly and grow your business. The demand for our services is truly enormous, and it’s only going to increase going forward.

Why is now an excellent time to invest in a HOODZ franchise?

Willard: There’s never been a better time to invest in a HOODZ franchise. The restaurant industry is booming and the economy’s in great shape. The awareness of the need for the services we provide, the compliance-based services that we provide, is at an all-time high and that continues to grow as well.

Ready to open a HOODZ franchise in your community?

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