HOODZ Franchises are More Successful Than Ever

HOODZ remains at the forefront of the industry

For more than a decade, HOODZ franchises have been providing professional kitchen exhaust cleaning services to restaurants and other commercial kitchens all across the US, and 2022 was no exception. Many of our long-standing franchises helped secure another successful year of helping the restaurants in their respective markets stay compliant with health and safety codes.

We have also taken the initiative to bring in more talent to our support team, in order to provide even better assistance to our franchisees whenever they need it. Our support team is continually providing guidance to franchise owners regarding obstacles they might face and their operational processes to ensure we are helping them and their business thrive.

The HOODZ family of franchisees are among the most dedicated and bright entrepreneurs in the business. The passion our franchise owners bring to their day-to-day operations is very impressive, and it’s thanks to their remarkable professionalism that HOODZ has continued to flourish year after year.

HOODZ still has prime markets available nationwide

HOODZ is striving to expand even further this year beyond the territories that have already been secured. The brand has grown steadily over the past few years and firmly believes that with the addition of more franchisees who want to run their own highly sustainable and profitable business, they can surpass their growth goals for 2023.

HOODZ provides superior training and equips new franchise owners and technicians with all the skills needed to offer the top notch kitchen exhaust cleaning services that HOODZ has built a reputation on. The world-class training and onboarding processes in place set up HOODZ franchisees for growth, while our unique business model is designed to maximize the potential for profit.

HOODZ franchise tech in front of company van HOODZ Franchises are More Successful

The restaurant industry continues to grow

Part of the reason HOODZ franchisees can feel confident in their potential for profit is because of the growth that continues within the restaurant industry, which makes up the majority of HOODZ client base. In 2021, the US food service industry reached $789 billion, accounting for a 19.7% growth over the previous year. That growth is forecast to continue increasing in the years to come, as the global food industry is expected to reach $4.1 trillion by 2026.

How does that translate to job stability for HOODZ franchises? Every restaurant that opens up is a new opportunity for HOODZ franchises to gain additional clients. Even as the popularity of app-based food delivery continues to increase, considering 86% of Americans order food delivery at least once a month, the establishments preparing and serving that food still require their kitchen exhaust and other systems to be professionally cleaned to remain safe and compliant.

Given the superior quality of service that we provide, it’s not uncommon for local HOODZ owners to be booked up weeks or months in advance with regular cleanings. As franchisees receive referrals and recommendations from existing clients, they can steadily grow their client base and expand their business based on their goals.

HOODZ offers a strong business model with recurring revenue potential

What sets HOODZ apart from our competitors is our dedication to exceeding the expectations of our clients. We are able to establish long-term contracts by offering the full suite of services restaurants need, including cleaning kitchen exhaust hood systems and conveyor ovens, pressure washing, replacing hood filters, grease containment, appliance deep cleaning, and more. Not only are the majority of the services we provide required by law, they are essential for restaurants to maintain a clean and safe environment, their staff and customers alike. Our emphasis on compliance makes HOODZ a valuable asset on a regular basis.

While the HOODZ business model has proven to be recession-resistant, the typical client base also includes other types of businesses, like hospitals, schools, prisons, and any other facility with a commercial kitchen will consistently need the services of a dependable, professional hood cleaning service like HOODZ.

Learn more about owning a HOODZ franchise

HOODZ operates on a proven business model that often results in consistent and recurring revenue streams for our franchisees. To find out more about how we help restaurants maintain a clean and safe environment, check out our research pages here for more details. If you are ready to start up your own HOODZ franchise, the next step is to fill out our form here and a member of our franchise team will be in touch shortly.