HOODZ President On The Superior Training That Owners & Techs Get

Everyone at a HOODZ cleaning franchise knows how to perform the work, which improves preparedness and reliability

Spend time talking to a HOODZ commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning franchise owner, and you’ll hear stories about getting dirty. That’s because every HOODZ owner has gone through the same training their techs have. They all have a hands-on appreciation for the work they do. Those same owners also benefit from amazing onboarding and training when it comes to operating the business itself, another huge plus.

That “both sides of the desk” training means that franchise owners are prepared for anything, says Nathan Willard, President. The techs benefit from the state-of-the-art training facility provided by BELFOR Franchise Group, which also prepares franchise owners with back-office skills, as well as lays the groundwork for building brand awareness, growing a list of recurring clients and generating revenue.

HOODZ president

Tech training is best in exhaust cleaning industry

“We have a facility that nobody is going to beat,” Willard says. “Someone can come here with some experience, or with none, and leave knowing all the ins and outs of cleaning commercial exhaust systems in restaurant kitchens. And we are always finding ways to improve and expand that training.”

As one example, he cites the growing roster of mobile-friendly, online content that techs could use to learn or brush up on skills at the height of pandemic shutdowns. It allowed franchise owners to add to their tech staff so they could keep up with demand and ensure that new techs were getting a solid foundation of learning while they were also in hands-on situations.

Owner training is a dynamic, wraparound experience

As for the HOODZ franchise owners themselves, they go through a two-week onboarding. This is evenly split between tech and executive training. In that first week, they are trained on the cleaning process and best practices. Then in the second, they get into the “nitty gritty” of owning a HOODZ commercial exhaust cleaning franchise. They learn everything from sales and marketing to keeping the books.

“We make sure when they leave that they have a strong grasp of everything,” Willard says. “And then we have reunion calls, which are weekly follow-up calls, where they have access to the entire HOODZ team at BELFOR. They can ask questions, and we can make sure they’re heading in the right direction as they ramp up.”

Owning a restaurant hood cleaning business doesn’t have to break the bank. HOODZ is one of the most affordable franchise opportunities in the booming $838 billion restaurant industry. The total investment to begin operations for a new HOODZ franchise ranges from $74,221 to $179,840. Not only do we offer in-house financing for 50% of the franchise fee, but we also have third-party relationships to help you finance any additional business needs. We also proudly offer veterans who have interest in joining our franchise family a discount.

Interested in becoming a HOODZ franchise owner?

You, along with your employees, will have all the training and support you could possibly need to run a successful franchise. For in-depth details about HOODZ, download our Free Franchise Information Report. You also can learn more about this amazing opportunity by visiting our research pages.